Here are some ideas for fun things to do around Kona, Hawai’i’s big island…

Surfer Bear

Jeff, Ashley, Evann and Bear after a surfing lesson.

Surfing lessons with Surfer Bear. Bear and Jeff taught us how to surf, and they were there when we got engaged! They take great care to make sure that you’re learning at a pace that best suits you. If you’re not comfortable on the bigger waves just yet, they’ll keep you in the calm stuff. If you’re getting the hang of things quickly, they’ll be happy to teach you some more advanced techniques. No matter what, they’ll keep a good attitude and have the positive vibes flowing.


Torpedo Tours

Headed out on the Na Pali Kai II for a SCUBA adventure.

SCUBA diving with Torpedo Tours. Mike and Nikki are friends of the family and are happy to show you all Hawai’i’s waters have to offer. Don’t worry, they’ll even teach you if you’re not certified. Rumor has it that you can pay them in bar tabs at the Kona Brewery.


BIEA zip line

Crossing the bridge between zip lines.

Zip line tours with Big Island Eco Adventure. These guys are lots of fun and the views from the zip lies are amazing.


View from the Coffee Shack

Avocado tree and a splendid view at the Coffee Shack.

Grab some coffee and a slice of pie at The Coffee Shack. Although it’s named the Coffee Shack, we think of it as the pie place. It has delicious food and an incredible view (including one of the biggest avocado trees you’ll ever see). Southerners making the trip should try the warm macadamia nut pie, which is like an island spin on pecan pie.


Waipio Valley

Looking out on the ocean at the beach in Waipio Valley.

Check out the black sand beaches of Waipi’o Valley. This trip takes you to the north end of the island for a hike down into the valley. Watch out for rogue waves.



The lava flow at Volcano National Park.

Go see lava in person at Volcano National Park. Your ability to do this will depend on the lava flow itself and whether or not the park is open. You’ll need a car to get there because the park is on the other side of the island, and you’ll need to take appropriate supplies (water, shoes, flashlight, etc.). Plan to make the hike in at dusk so you can see the lava glow.


Kealakekua Bay kayak

Kayaking at Kealakekua Bay.

Go on a kayak adventure at Kealakekua Bay State Historical Park. Pick a good paddling partner to help you kayak across the bay, and then cool off on the other side while you snorkel. Make sure to take a snack to help fuel you up for the trip back. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a chance to see spinner dolphins. Check out Kona Boys for kayak rentals.


Stand up paddleboarding

Ashley knows what’s SUP.

Try stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). It’s a good workout, a great test of balance and a good time all rolled into one. SUP rentals are available all over the place. At Kahalu’u, get your boards at Kahalu’u Bay Surf and Sea. If you’re at Kamakahonu Bay, boards are available at the Kona Boys Beach Shack.


Ashley singing at Sam's Hideaway

Ashley singing and playing the air guitar at Sam’s Hideaway.

Drinks and karaoke at Sam’s Hideaway (address). Tucked, nay hidden, away in an alley close to downtown, Sam’s offers drinks and karaoke in a laid back atmosphere.


Warning: No lifeguard beyond this point

On the beach at Hapuna.

Go to the beach! Seriously, you’re in Hawai’i. There are lots of good ones. Some of our favorites are Hapuna, Kua and Kahalu’u.
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