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About Ashley

Ashley underwater


Ashley is a Seattle native and graduate of the University of Washington. Go Dawgs! She is the Executive Director of the Service Board, a nonprofit that empowers high school youth to make positive change in their community. In her free time, Ashley enjoys falling down mountains, playing basketball with her teammates and rocking the karaoke mic any time she gets the chance.


About Evann

Evann at Rialto Beach


Evann was born and raised in North Carolina and, after taking his sweet time, graduated from the University of North Carolina in his hometown of Chapel Hill. Go Heels! Evann drove out to Seattle for a summer internship with msnbc.com in 2006 and hasn’t left the city or the company since. He now spends his days as a web developer/designer and fills his nights and weekends playing soccer and basketball, trying to do decent karaoke renditions of pop and R&B songs and learning to play the guitar.


About us

Ashley and Evann on the lift at Mt. Hood

Ashley & Evann

Ashley and Evann met at a Gay Bingo event in June of 2007. Among other things, they bonded over karaoke. They took their first trip to Hawaii together in December of that year. They moved in together in the fall of 2008 and bought their first home together in the spring of 2010. Ashley taught Evann how to snowboard and Evann taught Ashley that her basketball career didn’t have to end with high school. Both agree that Duke sucks.

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